Big Green Egg Nest met geïntegreerd handvat XL

432,00 incl. BTW

*indien op voorraad

Yes, at Big Green Egg we do two in one! The intEGGrated Nest + Handler melts two great products into one fantastic creation. A strong, stable nest and a handy tool to move your EGG safely thanks to the large, sturdy castors. Residence + transport; and all in a sleek design.

Beauty and brains in one cast-iron product immediately reveal that the intEGGrated Nest + Handler is a typical Big Green Egg invention. A coated steel frame with sturdy handles with which you can roll your EGG anywhere: out of the wind, sheltered or temporarily in the garage. Rough or uneven surface? No problem for the four castors, two with brakes. During the ride, your EGG is firmly in its nest and the handles stay cool, even if your EGG is not. This perfectly integrated duo is modeled after the iconic EGG shapes.