Draagbaar nest MX

221,00 incl. BTW

*indien op voorraad

Are you going camping, to a park or beach party? There is no reason not to do it in style. You just take your MiniMax with you in its portable nest. Just fold out and your multifunctional outdoor stove is immediately at a comfortable cooking height (the base is 60 cm!). Explained? Fold up, get out.

Bring your MiniMax EGG to great heights in its portable nest wherever you go. The portable base is made of heavyweight powder-coated steel, which makes it nice and stable. You attach the MiniMax with the quick-release clips so that you can open the dome of your EGG without the risk of tipping over. When you fold up the portable nest again, you have a flat package that is easy to transport. Hey, wait for me!